State and Local Taxation (SALT)


SALT mediators assist counsel with complex state and local tax disputes.

Courts have long held that Louisiana state and local tax law is sui generis. Practitioners, tax collectors, and taxpayers know that Louisiana state and local tax (SALT) law is not just of its own kind, it is also nuanced and complicated. When the parties to a Louisiana SALT dispute want to enlist a neutral to help find a resolution, they need someone with the SALT experience and knowledge that provides a running start to understanding the complex factual and legal issues facing the parties and the corresponding potential resolution options.

To meet the needs of parties to Louisiana state and local tax disputes, Perry Dampf Dispute Solutions (PDDS) has formed the PDDS SALT Mediation Panel. PDDS has assembled a panel of mediators with the skillset, expertise, and experience needed to assist taxpayers, taxing authorities, and their respective counsel and tax practitioners in the resolution of SALT disputes. Visit the PDDS SALT Mediation Panel page to view the neutrals' bios.

The PDDS SALT Mediation Panel has experience in resolving disputes in the following SALT areas:

  • State and local sales and use tax;
  • State income and franchise tax;
  • Property tax;
  • Severance tax;
  • Occupancy tax;
  • Gross proceeds tax;
  • Exemption and exclusion applicability;
  • Refund claims; and
  • Tax credit and incentive programs.
Sui Generis – Latin. Of its own kind or class; i.e. the only one of its own kind; peculiar. Black’s Law Dictionary.

State and Local Tax (SALT) Law - it's Complicated

We recommend you seek out a specialized mediator with extensive experience in this particular field.