Our selective panel of neutrals features individuals with extensive backgrounds and expertise in the field of arbitration. They have conducted arbitrations locally and nationally in a wide variety of fields. Our arbitrators are widely recognized as among the best in the business and are available on an hourly or per project basis.

The Out-of-Court Resolution for Disputes

Commencing an arbitration with our group is simple and affordable.

Initiating the Process

In general, parties come to the arbitration process in one of three ways: judicially mandated arbitration, contractually stipulated arbitration, or by simple agreement. During the process, the arbitrator exercises authority allowed by relevant state or federal statutes and regulations. In addition, the arbitration may proceed in accordance with written rules provided by private organizations such as AAA, JAMS, FINRA or Perry Dampf. All discovery and evidence presented in arbitrations are confidential to the extent allowed by law.

To commence an arbitration, the following forms need to be completed by the attorney requesting arbitration: Arbitration-Request to Commence and Arbitration-Conflicts Checklist. These forms should be completed and submitted with a $600 non-refundable deposit. The attorneys/parties are encouraged to agree on an arbitrator and notify Perry Dampf of same. If the parties are unable to make a selection, a ranking of the neutrals will be required.

How the Process Works

The form of decision in an arbitration is limited only by the initiative and creativity of the parties. For example, some parties have chosen a high-low method whereby the arbiter considers all evidence and derives a numerical decision without knowing the pre-arbitration numbers agreed upon by the parties. Once a decision is reached, the binding confidential number is the one that comes closest to the arbitrator’s independently derived number. Another available method is commonly known as baseball arbitration, a process used for decades by Major League Baseball in resolving salary disputes. It also was recently adopted and used successfully in thousands of financial disputes surrounding the BP Gulf oil spill. Therein, the parties submit their evidence and simultaneously present the arbiter with a proposed judgment amount. After reviewing all evidence, the arbitrator MUST choose proposed number or the other, and is precluded from the proverbial splitting of the baby.