Using proven methods of resolving disputes, we work tirelessly to help our clients resolve their disputes. Regardless of the amounts at stake, we take an aggressive approach to helping people reach solutions to problems that often seem impossible. Sometimes we simply bring the parties together and assist in their communication. Other times we create the solution. No matter what the method, the goal is the same: to resolve the dispute. And we work as long and as hard as needed to get the job done.

Defined by our People

The 56 mediators have combined over 2,000 years of legal experience to create a unique alternative dispute resolution (ADR) company. Together, our mediators have mediated over 24,000 cases.


The core of our business is solving problems through an informal, voluntary, flexible process called mediation. Mediation allows clients to keep the meeting and discussions confidential without airing facts about the case in a court of public jurisdiction. Mediators are neutral third parties who guide the parties toward resolution through joint sessions and separate caucuses with the parties.

Pre-litigation Commercial Mediation

Experience tells us that commercial disputes (employment, contracts and construction, for example) lend themselves to mediation, even before the litigation begins. With expenses of litigation on the rise, and the ever-present uncertainties that accompany any lawsuit, we implore our clients to explore the option of early mediation. The commercial mediators on our panel are well equipped to help you with creative and cost-effective solutions that avoid the rigors of the courtroom.