Cost of Services


For mediation, arbitration and umpire services, Perry Dampf charges your neutral’s hourly rate plus a set-up and administrative fee of $600 for up to three parties.

If there are more than three parties to the mediation, the administrative charge shall increase by $200 for each additional party up to a maximum fee of $1,400 per day. Our fee arrangement requires that, unless a contrary agreement is reached during the mediation, the parties equally share the hourly rate and expenses of the mediator plus the administrative fee. Mediations cancelled less than 21 days prior to mediation shall result in a $1,000 cancellation fee to the cancelling party. Please call for more specific details.

Arbitration fees are billed at an hourly rate that ranges from $300 to $550. Additionally, our office charges an administrative fee of $600 for the first day of the arbitration hearing and $300 for each day thereafter. To commence an arbitration, a $600 non-refundable filing fee is due with the request to commence arbitration. The filing fee is applied toward arbitration fees. Payment of the estimated expenses will be required in advance of the arbitration hearing. Over-payments of the estimated fees will be refunded.